That which sustains us.

Every society and civilization that has ever existed in this world has it deeply imbedded in their culture. It is a source of conflict and desire; food is need and want at the same time. It is an art form that activates more human senses than any other medium. It is a science that has inspired us to examine each piece of our universe down to the very last nutritious molecule. It is what we are and it is essential for us to grow into something more. It sustains us and, at times, it can kill us.

I love food, I’m completely inspired by the way it can bring people together, as well as drive us apart. I love how food, alone, can steer a passionate discussion. I’m fascinated on how food can be used as a political divide. It can be what brings two completely different people together and be the most binding thing that they’ll have in common. It can also be a deal breaker for some when looking for their soulmate. Food also is, and will always be, a source of power and influence in our societies.

Shredded Chicken Salad with Honey Sriracha Dressing

The point of this blog is not just to examine food, or how to make food (though there will be plenty of that), but also to look into the social and political effects of food. How it has changed cities, how it has shaped history and how it is shaping our future.

I live in Detroit, a place undergoing many changes, some for better and some for the worse. The most amazing thing about living here is that I will never know which is truly which until I’ve been given the opportunity to examine it in my own history. Who’s to say that governmental corruption was really a bad thing if it awakens the population to become more proactive? Who’s to say that immense corporate investment was a good thing if it forces us to lose our sense of self? Either way, changes are happening and food seems to be one of the driving forces of change.

In 2010, NBC’s Dateline had so colorfully noted that, while there are 400 liquor stores in Detroit, there remains to be one chain grocery store within this city. We know now from the last census report that there are around 800,000 people in this city, without a single Meijer, Kroger, Trader Joe’s or your own state/country equivalent to serve them. You might have heard of this through your own news outlet. You might have also heard of the urban farms that are springing up, or that designer coffee shops and craft cocktail bars are popping out of the rubble. You might have heard that Whole Foods has recently announced to be our first chain grocery store deep within the city; you might have heard none of these things, that’s cool too. I’m glad you’ve stuck around anyway.

So this will not just be a blog that teaches you how to cook. Well, it will be that, but not just that. It will be also be a blog that will document the changes of the city that I live in, though the eyes of the food I eat. Not that I only eat things with eyes, I’m just being poetic.

Trying to be, anyway.

Coney Dog's from LaFayette Cony Island, Detroit.

I’ll admit that starting food blog seems is rather intimidating. There’s no shortage of bloggers out there and that goes the same for bloggers of food. It’s also a little overwhelming too. There’s so much I want to cover and so much that I know I’ve yet to learn about food. I don’t make myself out to be any sort of expert at it by any stretch of the imagination. I have every expectation of learning from you as you might form me, or from the people that I plan on exploiting for the sake of teaching us.

Just lots to do. Also, I’m going to open a food business in the near-future  so there’s that.

Yup, lots to talk about and lots to do.

I can’t do any of it now, however. There’s a $3 bottle of wine that’s calling my name and it’s no longer 3pm.

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5 thoughts on “Food

  1. lani trock says:

    beautiful. congratulations on your launch! cannot wait to read more. ❤

  2. hkbikerbabe says:

    Soooo proud! Great start and it’s only going to get better!!

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