Detroit Restaurant Week: Roast

Seriously? What kind of person decides to start a food blog in the middle of Restaurant Week and not even know it’s going on until he’s four days in?

This guy, that’s who. I’m positively drunk with shame.

It’s tragic, really it is! I had such hopes for myself, such high expectations y’know? I was going to be someone who chronicled the Detroit food scene. I was going to be known, I was going to be famous. Goddammit I was going to get respect. I was going to become the Anna Winour of eating things.

“I don’t eat ‘things’ darling. I’m sustained by fashion, creativity and my monthly blood transfusions with Kate Moss.”

Because I haven’t taken my Adderall today, my mind wandered into thinking what she would do in such a situation. I realized that Anna probably isn’t the type of person who needs to apologize for anything and since it’s too late for me not to admit fault, I’m just going to ride this bouncy wave of ADHD and talk about Restaurant Week, right after I pet this cat and do the dishes.

*2 hours later*

Detroit Restaurant Week is here, folks, and there are 4 days left to enjoy some of the best eateries the city has to offer. Participating restaurants will have a pre-set “Restaurant Week Menu” that comes with a flat fee of $28 (excluding relevant taxes and beverages) and a number of predetermined courses to try. One of those restaurants happened to be Michael Symon’s Roast, which just so happened to be where I went to last night for dinner. For the price, I got a perfectly decent three-course meal which included a starter, a main course, and a desert.

If Grammar Check came with the sass and snark of all my Facebook friends, I’d probably be a lot better at this whole ‘writing’ thing.

The food was good! We had scallops on saffron risotto with crispy prosciutto as the starter, followed by suckling pig for the main and finished off with a slice of cheesecake for dessert. For 28 bucks, it’s a pretty good deal. I mean, I wasn’t exactly bouncing on the balls of ecstasy after each bite but, still, it was totally worth it. However, you might want to have a go at one of the more “fancy” participating restaurants because this Roast actually has reasonable prices during normal business days, and a fantastic happy hour to boot.

Roast: Scallops on Saffron Risotto with Crispy Prosciutto and Aged Balsamic Vinegar

21 restaurants are participating in the event this year, including some of Detroit’s more famous (and normally more pricey) joints: Atlas Global Bistro, Cliff Bells, Iridescence, The Caucus Club, The Rattlesnake Club, and The Whitney to name a few. You can go to the DRW Website for the full list of participants. A friend of mine mentioned that it would probably beneficial to check out the menus of the restauraunts before you commit to a reservation. While $28 was a good deal for scallops, suckling pig and cheesecake you might be disappointed with a restaurant that gave you more limited options. Yes, you can have fun and be adventurous but a little research never hurt anyone.

Roast: Suckling Pig one Salsa Verde, Pickled Chili and Parsley Salad
It was hard to do this dish justice with my iPhone. Trust me, it was moist, not too tender and had a good amount of tang.

That being said, I highly encourage you to look into as many of these eateries as you can. I mean, some of these places are top-notch food destinations and you still get to check out a couple for less than the cost of one moderately unfortunate bar tab. Reservations tend to fill up quickly; some are probably booked solid at this point but don’t let that stop you from being a little bold in giving some of these more obscure eateries a shot. Restaurant week is all about discovery at prices that should makes you comfortable with trying something new.

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake With Cucumber, Mint and Strawberry Jam

Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant directly. There’s no need to purchase vouchers or call any special numbers. You can also reserve tables online at Just know that some restaurants may not be subscribed to the website so unless you’re sure your choice is connected, it’s still best to call.

Special Thanks To: Doria Heap for her grammar skills and Joanne Golden for her suggestions on content.

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