Detroit Restaurant Week: Cuisine

As luck would have it, I got to go with some friends to Cuisine in Detroit’s New Center area. Since I already gave the whole Restaurant Week explanation in the last entry, I’ll just get to the good stuff.


Cuisine: Foie Gras Dumpling with Duck Consommé

Cuisine: Smoked Salmon with Spring Salad and Poached Quail Egg


Cuisine: Turkey Leg Confit with French Green Lentils and Celery Root

Cuisine: Brioche Breaded North Atlantic Skatefish with Blood Orange Butter Sauce and English Peas.

Cuisine: Mexican Beef Tenderloin Fillet over Potato Au Gratin


Cuisine: Almond Raspberry Tart with Rosemary Ice Cream

Cuisine: German Chocolate Cake with Coconut Ice Cream

My favorite dishes by far just so happened to be the ones I ordered. While the dumplings were interesting, the skin was a little too thick and floury and really muted the flavor of the foie gras. The salmon was smoked perfectly, not fishy at all, and worked very nicely with the quail egg and salad.

The turkey leg was no joke. It was the size of your renaissance fair turkey leg, which is about the size of my face. However, unlike that of the renaissance fair turkey leg, it was ridiculously tender, pulled apart from the bone and tasted amazing, not too salty and moist all the way through. The breaded fish tasted good but it was very mild for fish. If you’re not into that “fishy aroma”, than you would probably like this dish. I didn’t have room to even try the beef tenderloin because I managed to finish the turkey leg.

The deserts were probably the weakest part of the meal. The cake and the tart were just okay but the ice creams that came with them were good. The rosemary ice cream had a heat to it, almost like ginger, but still sweet and the coconut ice cream was just as good coconut ice cream should be: not too sweet and light. These flavors in the ice cream tasted very fresh and did not seem artificial at all.

Summed up, Cuisine is pretty great. Even if the desserts were just “meh” the rest of the meal more than made up for the cost of $28 per person. We all left happy and satisfied. I’ve never eaten here before during a regular week but I’m definitely going to come back.

Category: French

Reservations: (313) 872-5110

Address 670 Lothrop, Detroit MI 48202

Hours of Operation: Tuesday to Sunday, 5pm – 11pm


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