Strictly Photography: The Final Sushi Pizza Compilation

Here are the three sushi pizzas I’ve made this week. The first two you’ve probably seen already but I just wanted them all together. The last one I made today for a friend who came over to sample the glory that is sushi pizza. I had nothing but sashimi because after two days of the stuff I was totally over it. In other news, I might have mercury poisoning because of all the fish I’ve consumed these past three days so if there are no more updates after this one, you all know I went down happy.

Sushi Pizza Recipe (Vegan one too) here

Vegan Spicy Mayo Recipe here

Salmon on Spicy Mayo With Sesame Seeds and Scallions on a Pan Fried Sushi-Rice Crust

DSC 8809

DSC 8803

Vegan Sushi Pizza: Avocado and Grilled Tofu on Vegan Spicy Mayo and a Pan Fried Sushi-Rice Crust with Sesame Seeds and Sriracha

DSC 8838

DSC 8824


Tuna and Avocado on a Pan Fried Rice Crust with Spicy Mayo with Smelt Roe, Scallions and Toasted Sesame Seeds

DSC 8845  1

DSC 8852  1

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