Dlectricity: Detroit’s Nighttime Exhibition of Art + Light

A Nuit Blance is french for “White Night” or (as we know it) an “all-nighter”. It’s when a city will transform a part of itself into a de-facto art gallery presenting displays though out at participating portion. For Dlectricity, it’s was the Midtown area and it was pretty amazing. The theme was closely related to industry and light, many of the displays used buildings as the canvas but there were things that were built as well. Here are some shots of the event.

 DSC 0021

DSC 0065

DSC 0078

DSC 0085

DSC 9689

DSC 9722

DSC 9738

DSC 9763

DSC 9779

DSC 9809

DSC 9821

DSC 9866

DSC 9873

DSC 9884

DSC 9891

DSC 9982

You can count on me being there next year. This was an amazing thing to see.

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