Ramen Day with Coffee and (______), Next weeks menu, and Fois Gras Stuffed Burgers

First of all:


Coffee and Kung Food menu2


That’s all folks. G’night!

Just kidding. Please put the gun down. 

So I guess you could imagine that things have been going pretty well with the whole popup biz. I’ve been really busy cooking, shopping for things to cook, and thinking of things to cook for these things and the response has been good across the board. 

Oh, before I forget, here are some pictures of the ramen I did last week.

DSC 0283

DSC 0288


That was a pork broth that I made with Green Noodle (aka Morohieya Ramen). It went over extremely well. I pretty much sold out by the end of the night. It’s been an amazing experience and one that is teaching me so much about cooking for huge groups of people. The best part is developing relationships with whole sellers and getting great prices on produce (and then coming to them later when you’re doing your own personal shopping and getting the same deals without the bulk quantities… win). 

Aside from the pop-up’s, not much has been happening in the Kung-Food world. I’m starting to develop a name for myself here and hopefully a good reputation. Anyway, you’re not here for all that. Here’s a recipe for Fois Gras Stuffed Burgers in Chocolate Sauce. 


Story: I had this at a Japanese/Korean restaurant in New York. It was called Takashi if I’m not mistaken. Anyway, this isn’t their recipe. This probably isn’t anywhere near their recipe. But let me tell you this: it tastes pretty damn close. In fact, I’d say that it’s better. You know why? Because my burgers were big, and when it comes to beef and fois gras, more is always better. So here it is. 


  • 2 lbs of ground beef 
  • Salt and Pepper 
  • ¼ lb of fois gras (duck liver, whole)
  • 3 cups of Dark chocolate (preferably without sugar) 
  • 1 sick of butter
  • 3 tbsp of sriracha 


Chocolate Sriracha Sauce

  1. If your chocolate came as a block, put it though the food processor till it’s just flakes of chocolate-y goodness.
  2. Melt the butter in a saucepan
  3. Add the chocolate flakes, whisking it into the liquid butter 
  4. When all the chocolate is used up add the sriracha sauce, contenting to stir
  5. Leave covered on low heat while you’re preparing the burger


  1. De-vein the fois gras and set aside
  2. Season your burger with salt and pepper to taste. There is no need to get fancy with your burger here, folks. The fois gras will be providing all the flavor and fatty goodness you’d normally be using your marinade for. 
  3. Roll a small piece of fois gras into a ball and then place it into a burger patty. Make it so that the fois gras is completely sealed into the burger. 
  4. Take an oiled cast iron skillet and pan fry the burger for 10 minutes, 5 for each side or until cooked through. It will depend on how big your burgers turn out to be. Remember that fois gras has a rather low melting point and will cook faster than the beef. So just pay attention to what’s going on.
  5. When the burger is done, plate it and pour some of the chocolate sauce over it, serve immediately. 


56488 10151324497768969 1740303174 o

You’re turning it into a burger, folks… there’s no need to worry about keeping things pretty 

47432 10151324496783969 63499431 n

I actually made this burger while at my weekly cooking night. I don’t photograph the food here. So here’s a rare shot of me doing some cooking. You can see by the flushness of my face that I’ve been drinking. I ain’t ashamed.  

66272 10151324497303969 1246684064 n

Not the prettiest girl at the party but, I promise you, she’ll be your favorite. 

54464 10151324498278969 1106666676 o

As you can see… my friends enjoyed it a great deal

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4 thoughts on “Ramen Day with Coffee and (______), Next weeks menu, and Fois Gras Stuffed Burgers

  1. matthew says:

    Will you be doing anything the weekend after thanksgiving?
    I have been following your POP UPS and wanted to check them out while i am in town from NC My girlfriend and I are both Chefs and were happy to see that MI was getting into the POP UP Scene!
    Matthew Vasquez

    • jonkung says:

      As a matter if fact, Gypsy Kitchen and I will be doing a brunch at the MOCAD on the 25th.

      Now if you excuse me, I’m gonna go wrap my head around the concept that people actually read this thing.

      • matthew says:

        i try and follow up incoming chefs and see what you guys are doing I will do my best to make it we would love to see it and how you all are doing it I was affilited with a pop up out of charleston SC called garurella Cusine.
        your food looks good and love the ramen that you did we both have been doing alot with noodle bowls lately i have been makeing kimchi butter to enrichen my stock and make a fatty both for my ramen or at least this week i have been LOL Keep up the good work sir.

      • jonkung says:

        Thank you! I look foreword to meeting you guys!

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