Foodtography: The Food of Astro Coffee & Coffee and (______)

People around here know Astro Coffee. They know that their coffee is good, they know that the people who work there know good coffee, and they know that every time you drink one of their flat whites, you run the risk of getting pregnant.

That’s just my twisted way of saying it’s really good.

Anyway, as good as the drinks are here, one thing that I get a little frustrated about when talking to people is that not everyone tries the food here. Something I just don’t understand because Jess, the co-owner and food arm of the business is an extremely talented chef. She also makes a damn pretty sandwich. Cookies, cakes, and an egg sandwich that should be famous is usually the daily offering in the house. I encourage any of you in town to treat yourself to a bite next time you’re waiting your luxuriously slow-dripped brew. In my opinion this place is every bit as much a lunchtime destination as its more famous neighbor, Slowes BBQ.

DSC 0645 

DSC 0650

DSC 0655

DSC 0660

DSC 0666

DSC 0679

DSC 0684

DSC 0692

DSC 0714

This is not a picture of food. This is a picture of Julian. Julian works at Astro. Julian is not working in this picture. Julian is playing with Magnet Blocks. Julian is pretty and insists on being addressed without the use of pronouns. Just kidding, I made that last part up.

The west village popup shop known as Coffee and (______), is a temporary café in Detroit’s West Village district. Here the focus is less on the slow drip coffee and more on a good quality cup that you can get quickly. Angela, the mastermind behind the entity also offers a good selection of tea and espresso drinks. The main attraction of this place, however, is less on the coffee and more on the “and”. Angela is a professionally trained and highly skilled pastry chef with some industry street cred under her belt. Every say she offers one different baked good to go with coffee, so one day you will have Coffee and (Rhubarb Pie), the next it’s Coffee and (Scones). Of course, every Friday night I set up shop there to offer a small dinner menu… but you already know that. Every single thing I’ve had there is a piece of naughty heaven. This is also an amazing opportunity to examine the villages community. Angela’s inviting personality makes this place a natural meeting spot in the Villages. It really is incredible to see people interact here; to see how strong and vibrant this small Detroit community is.

Coffee and (______) will be occupying the old Harlequin Cafe until the end of December. I suggest you check it out before she disappears onto the next big thing.

DSC 0630 

DSC 0635 

DSC 0640

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One thought on “Foodtography: The Food of Astro Coffee & Coffee and (______)

  1. Rick says:

    Usually Julian avoids the squares…

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