A Macaron Order

So hot on the heels of a previous post of imperfect macarons I get a random text message from someone who had managed to get ahold of my phone number asking for 100 macarons! Apparently the good folks at Nora caught wind of the fact that I know how to make these things and wanted some for their grand opening. 

At first I was nervous, 100 is a lot for me to fulfill, they take a long time to make, they’re easy to mess up, and most importantly: I never advertised myself as any kind of pastry cook. I have no real interest in delving into the realm of pastries, these are just a thing that I was determined to learn how to make and make them for my friends once a year. So I was very hesitant to accept the order. 

Still, I said “screw it” and agreed to do the macarons. 100 of them, two flavors my choice. I’m making 50 today and 50 tomorrow for the opening on wednesday (because every good pastry chef knows that macarons take at least 24 hours to absorb the flavors of the filling into the cookie). 

So here’s some photos of the first batch

458938 10100714822197684 609321328 o

Macaron Shells, white, resting before being put in the oven

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Eggnog Buttercream… yes, MY eggnog in buttercream form (eat your heart out Pierre Hermé)

205005 10100714880885074 1155672792 o

50 Eggnog Macarons. If you’re in Detroit, you should stop by Nora in Midtown on Wednesday around 6… hurry, they’ll probably be gone by 6:15 

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