Another Macaron Order

I have a special relationship with Nora. It’s a modern housewares store in Midtown Detroit that specializes in minimalist furnishings featuring many designs from Sweden and Japan. They love my macs over there and this is the second time they’ve done an order from me. Last time was one hundred for Christmas. They’ve asked for 150 this time for their Valentines Day bash. 

I decided to do a floral theme, a “bouquet of macarons” so to speak.


819340 10100803317517354 1043799422 o

Lavender Macarons: My New Favorite

820793 10100806018883794 114422729 o

Pink Rose Macarons: The ladies at Nora pretty much said they felt sexy after eating these. Which is kind of the opposite of what you’d expect after eating two almond cookies with buttercream in the middle

778693 10100803317522344 1843290680 o

Tangy Orangeblossom and Citrus Macaron: I wanted something a little brighter for the finish.

And Here’s how they were packaged! So cute, right?!

604135 10100805704114594 867024179 n

427266 10100805704144534 977229173 n

379222 10100805704039744 444904011 n

If you’re in town tonight than look them up! It’s a purchase party! Buy the love of your life some clever gifts for the season, maybe a macaron or three. 


4240 Cass (at Canfield) Detroit 


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3 thoughts on “Another Macaron Order

  1. Brittany says:

    What a fun party, and so awesome they ordered these delicious looking macaron’s from you!

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