Tea Gadgets

I like to drink tea. In fact, one of my cabinets is entirely dedicated to it. It’s just as big as my pantry cabinet.

IMG 6452

As you can see by all this tea, I like to drink tea. As you can see by the empty whisky bottles and the bread maker above them, I like carbs and I’m fun at parties.


A friend of mine asked me where I got my tea ware from. With the exception of my Chinese tea set that I brought back from Guangzhou, everything I have can be bought off of Amazon. So for the sake of my friend and if you’re ever curious on which tea gadgets are worth the money, here’s my humble opinion.

IMG 6448

I use this for my really good teas and tea tastings, you can’t really buy this off of amazon because they are individual sets of things I’ve picked up. Let’s move on.

IMG 6449

This is a teapot by Menu. I love it because it holds 1.5 liters (plenty of tea) and it’s a very attractive and clever design. once you’re done steeping, you pull the rubber cord off and the steeping “egg” is lifted away from the water. My only gripe is that this thing is VERY fragile and at $60 it’s not cheap at all. Definitely not something every tea lover needs but certainly something every tea lover will greatly appreciate.

IMG 6453

Now this thing is great. It’s from a company called FORLIFE and it’s an individual steeper that fits in any coffee mug. The metal lid flips over to hold the steeper when your tea is ready. It’s $13 and totally worth the price. I probably use this thing the most to steep tea.

IMG 6451

Cast Iron Teapot: Winters in Michigan are cold, Cast iron keeps water hot. ‘Nuff Said.

IMG 6450

Electric Water Boiler: If you walk into an Asian persons house and do not see one of these, I’d say it’s pretty safe to assume that they were adopted… most likely by an adorable white couple from the Mid-West.

Seriously though, I don’t care whether you’re a coffee drinker, tea drinker, or some kind of tragic ramen addict. You haven’t lived until you have experienced the joy of instant boiling water.

Just FYI I don’t get paid to review this crap. I’m just sharing what I know and what works. Let me know how things work for you.

Sippin’ Tea and listening to: Solange – Losing You

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