Pictures from the St. Cici’s popup!

So last Tuesday was a HUGE success. The place was packed a good hour and a half before the kitchen was open (good thing it’s a pub). We were packed from open to close. Here’s some pictures someone in our staff got of the nummy offerings. Special thanks for Crystal Teng for the photos!!!


Meiko of Detroit Guerrilla Food Cart and me working in the kitchen. Tired but outrageously happy.


Kung Food, Gypsy Kitchen and Detroit Guerrilla Food Cart


Kung Food Pork Belly Steamed Bun


Detroit Guerrilla Food Cart Pomegranate Salad with Toasted Walnuts


Gypsy Kitchen Curry on Ginger Turmeric Rice, Detroit Guerrilla Food Cart Kimchi Tacos, Kung Food Pork Belly Buns and Handmade Won Tons (before adding soup).

Also, some great news on the Popup front. We’re once again teaming up with Coffee & (______) for bring a weekly friday popup to E. Jefferson. Stay tuned for this week’s menu!

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