When Cooking For A Chef/Cook/Baker/Whatever…

People who don’t cook or bake for a living think we’re all going to be like…

Gordon ramsay cauchemars en cuisine gif animé21


Tumblr mniwe1ZRy91r36jpso1 500

They think we’re watching them in the kitchen thinking

Tumblr mtib4tMVTO1s6kbl4o1 500

Well let me tell you right now. Cooks don’t cook food for themselves. They cook for others. They spend the day making, prepping, sourcing, tasting food to serve to people. We like serving people and we appreciate being served. Especially if it’s by a loved one or someone they care about. So if you’re cooking for a cook say… for a date or just because they are someone you care about, don’t worry. We’re not sitting their judging you. Chances are we’re just sitting there waiting to be like…

Kirby inhaling food

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